We understand how difficult it can be to run a construction company. BuildCenter Inc. was spun out of a commercial contractor based in Silicon Valley. For over 17 years, our team has developed construction software and phone apps to streamline the construction process. These tools have been our "secret to success" and allowed us to thrive as a contractor.


Now, it is time to share what we have built with you.


It's difficult to make great construction software unless you are in the construction business. Why? Because we don't work like other industries. We are always on the go, we have special requirements and you need tools that work as hard as you do.


​​​​We are offering a free and pro version of our health screening tool to help keep job sites working safely. This is part of our commitment to helping the construction industry overcome the pandemic crisis.


BuildCenter was made to streamline construction companies with time tracking and crew scheduling tools. While these add-on tools are still available, they are not required to use the free health screening tool

Build with confidence & stay safe!

Management Team