Symptom Screening For Contractors

How to develop and implement Symptom Screening for contractors and employees.

The widespread COVID 19 pandemic has created many challenges in the construction sector. Hiring a contractor to complete your crucial task is now becoming scary. This is because you don’t know how healthy or safe they are to interact with them during this pandemic. Therefore, it’s becoming necessary for every construction company to use a symptom screening tool to check on their subcontractors and employees for symptoms during this covid 19 period. All companies should ensure that they implement daily screenings for all contractors and employees as they enter the workplace. BuildCenter always considers our customers and contractors safety first and have come up with symptom screening procedures at the workplace to ensure everyone is safe. When implementing the symptom screening for contractors and employees, there are few factors that we BuildCenter consider:

Decide who to screen

Every company needs to decide who will be screened and at what time they will do the screening. Since the Covid 19 pandemic is not sparing anyone, our customers are screening every contractor and worker as they enter the job site. They are also screening any visitor that visits the workplace to avoid spreading the pandemic to the workers. Symptom screening is done daily to ensure that if a worker has contracted the virus, simple contact tracing can be done and the necessary action taken.
Determine which type of symptom screening tool to use.

Different symptom screening tools are being used to check the presence of the virus. The screening tool choice should be based on its ability to quickly gather the required information about the person's current health status and contact information. The ability to add a temperature thermometer reading such as non-contact infrared thermometers, is also an important consideration. Depending on the number of contractors and workers at your job site, you should ensure you pick the best screening tool that fits your workplace.
Plan the screening process.

Before screening the workers and contractors, it’s necessary that you first educate them on what to expect during the screening process. If their symptoms suggest the presence of the virus, what health control measures should be taken. We suggest educating workers on what to expect, and in case of a fever or other symptoms, take the necessary isolation measures. If a worker has symptoms, we recommend sending the person home with instructions for diagnosis and the area of contact properly screened and cleaned. We also suggest following up and ensure that the worker or contractor is fully recovered and safe to return.
Maintain privacy.

When the symptom screening for contractors and workers occurs, you must ensure their screening results are private and not heard by any other person. Communication among the workers is also kept private, and no information in the workplace goes outside. The data captured in BuildCenter is kept private and has security built-in to ensure confidentiality.