Job site Screening Tool

Useful tips to maximize the use of a
Job site screening tool.

Among the many ways of controlling the spread of coronavirus, symptom checks are one of the primary strategies to keep job sites safe. Sites are therefore checking for symptoms of their employees to help fight the spread of the virus. Most of the companies are using screening tools such as BuildCenter's Health Screen App. In areas where there is a widespread virus, health authorities advise workplaces to have a digital contact tracing tool and a Job site screening tool. The tools should help them conduct screenings for employees when they arrive in their respective worksites.  Here are some crucial tips on how to maximize the use of the Jobsite screening tool:

Maintain social distance when screening

Companies that do health screening of their employees should ensure that they regularly ask symptom questions of employees. When doing the screening, you must maintain the required six feet distance to avoid contracting the virus. The worker might have the virus, and if you come too close to him or her, you may end up contracting the virus.

Maintain privacy

Every company must ensure that they do their screening in a secure and secluded place. Every worker is entitled to have his or her health privacy all the time. For confidentiality, ensure that you don't reveal to other employees the results of a particular worker. The screening should be done one individual at a time in a private space.

Wear protective gear

Since you are not a health professional, you should be very careful when conducting the screening to not get the virus from the workers. Having personal protective gear such as gloves and face masks will ensure you are not exposed to the virus. Ensure that you follow the standard precautions and maintain good hand hygiene.

Properly use a contact tracing tool.

If an employee experiences covid 19 symptoms in your workplace, you can use BuildCenter's contact tracing tool which will help you trace other cases that might be present among the workers. This will help you fully eliminate all the cases that might be present on the Jobsite.