Health Screening App For Contractors

Features present on the health screening App for contractors

There is a health screening tool from BuildCenter that helps construction companies comply with new set out rules to reduce the risks of spreading the coronavirus on Jobsites. The free health screening App for contractors is available to all the construction firms which have many workers. The health screening App for contractors also has distributive and interactive capabilities which help the workers to register themselves on the mobile phones and check in quickly.

Here are features present on this health screen tool:

The App has a feature that allows visitors and workers to scan a QR code when they go to the site. After scanning the QR code, a website opens up where you can fill their personal information, including contact info and a health survey.

Customized Screening.

The App has a section where you can customize questions related to COVID 19 symptoms. Some of the questions asked are whether you have any contact with the virus. The questions can also be modified to fit other local or company requirements. There is also a section where you can fill in your temperature reading.
Bulk Entry.

The other feature present on the App is the capability to list all people who have met the screening requirements. Clicking on the name of every individual will give you faster reentry.
Automated Email Alerts

If there is exposure, an email alert is automatically sent to the devices, and appropriate action is taken immediately. This ensures that no more risk is posed to the other workers.