Build Center FAQ


How do I get started?

Start by signing up for a company account at This process will create an Admin (owner) account that you can then invite others to join. Watch the video below for step by step instructions.

I downloaded the app but I can't login

Has the Admin created a company account yet? If not see "How do I get started" above. If the company account is created, have you been invited as a user by the admin? if not, have them add you as a user and invite you (via emial) so you can login to buildcenter.

Is personal contact information secure?

Personall contact information is captured by users and stored securly online. Only authorized users can access personal contact information.

How are projects added to the system?

The administrator as well as users given permission, are allowed to add projects to buildcenter. The project requires a name only but many other fields such as project identifyer (Number or code), address, client, project manager and supervisort. Here is a short video with the steps: See other video on importing projects

How do I add & invite users so they can login?

The administrator user is allowed to add additional users (employees) to the BuildCenter account. This process requries the Admin to login and enter the users names and email addresses so they can be sent an invitation to create a password and login. Here is a short video that explains the steps:

How does the health screening process work?

Job Site Screeners will use a phone or tablet or laptop to screen workers and visitors. The following video shows how the process works.

What is a user account?

In order to use BuildCenter, you will need to login with your user account. Users are invited by the admin user. One Exception: workers and visitors that use QR code to self screen feature do not require a user account or login.

How can I edit the health or survey questions?

Watch this short video on how to edit questions shown on the phone.

How can I import a project list into BuildCenter?

A list of projects can be imported into BuildCenter to speed the process of setting up the system.

Watch the video to see how easy it is.