Crew Scheduling &
Time Tracking Tool

What to look for in a construction time tracking and crew scheduling tool

It's challenging to identify the best time tracking tool that will work for your construction company in a crowded digital market. To help the construction owners in decision-making, BuildCenter has come up with key features essential to successfully implementing time tracking in your company.
Mobile-friendly tool

One of the most crucial features you should look for when choosing your time tracking tool is a mobile friendly one. In many construction companies, the teams are placed across various work sites. Having a friendly, easy to use application will help you track your employees' hours for each job, even when they don't have cell service. The mobile crew scheduling tool will also ensure that workers know where to go and when to be there.
On-boarding Practices

Since many workers in the construction industry are not highly technical, you must find a solution that will be easy for them to learn quickly. Choose a time tracking tool that every employee can simply tap to clock in and out. The time tracker should have simple process that everyone can comfortably use and track their daily work. A crew scheduling tool must also have simple onboard practices that is comfortable to use.
Design and User Experience

All applications have different looks and feel. As a construction owner, you must find a system that can comfortably be used by you and the employees. A well-designed application and one that is tested according to the users' experience is the best choice that you should go for. The time tracker must also have attractive interface that will make the on-boarding process very easy. Ensure that you first navigate through all the interfaces before buying your time tracker.
Time and Location Tracking

Your tracking tool should be capable of tracking the location of the employee using GPS. This will help you track the location the workers are at when they clock in and out.