Attendance App For Contractors

Benefits of using the online attendance App for contractors

From the moment coronavirus hit the world, most of the businesses came to a standstill. It has been spreading every day with no signs of stopping. Many companies had to therefore come up with their own policies. They have also begun searching for software which will help them work through this situation. One key strategy for limiting COVID-19 is knowing who is working on site and keeping a detailed attendance log with contact information.

The search for solutions didn't stop at the attendance App but went further to search for an App that would screen contractors on their Job Sites. BuildCenter developed the Job-site screening App for contractors, which would help them remain safe while working. The App allows them to screen workers for symptoms to determine if they have contracted the virus. Here are some benefits of using these Apps for contractors:

Better accuracy

The workers' manual attendance is a very vulnerable task as it can have a lot of human error. To eliminate complaints from employees, contractors can effectively use the online attendance App for contractors. During this social distance period, construction owners should have this app for their contractors to ensure that all visitors and workers are recorded daily. Job site screening app for contractors is designed to keep possible sick individuals away thus helping maintain the safety of all the workers in the workplace.

More efficient

It's time-consuming to manually input data of employees. The attendance App for contractors is easy and efficient to use, as repeat entries only take a few seconds to process. You can also easily monitor the attendance of your employees. 

Easy to monitor screening

With the help of the Attendance App, you can easily verify how many screenings were performed at each job site. The Jobsite screening App for contractors also makes it easier for the contractors to easily monitor the employees' health status and eliminate risk to others if there is a case.